We are one of the last remaining repair workshops for analog(ue) photo equipment. Given the growing amount of new clients, people -while relying on our expertise and competence- can find us quite well. For that, recommendations are of course essential; a lot is given by word-of-mouth advertising, but the online world plays a big part in finding information about the quality of our services nowadays. 

Recommendations/reviews are given most easily at Google Maps (with a Google account).

The Leica camera forum has put us on their ‘recommended Leica repair specialists’ list. At the Rangefinderforum (logged in) members can leave feedback as well.

We aim for a high service level and a high quality of our work, which is -measured by the growing amount of positive feedback- appreciated by our customers. If you, nevertheless, feel you cannot write a positive recommendation, we would appreciate it if you contact us.

Contact info

Dorpsstraat 81
2712 AD Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
+31 (0)79 316 33 39
[email protected] 

KvK: 27103789
BTW: NL816042858B01
IBAN:NL83 RABO 0307 2734 15