Purchase Advice

Are you considering purchasing Leica equipment? 

We can help you with purchasing advice. This includes consultation about your specific wishes and expectations with regard to the intended Leica equipment.

Please note that older precision equipment almost always requires maintenance (pollution, thickened old grease, mold/haze) and that you will therefore still have to incur costs after purchase to ensure that the equipment works accurately and reliably. This is an important point in price negotiations with the equipment seller.


Leica equipment offered for sale with the mention ‘CLA by Kamera-Service’?

Our name is regularly mentioned in advertisements by sellers of Leica equipment; it is stated that it has been with us for maintenance and/or repair. We regularly check whether referrals are correct. If you have any doubts, please feel free to contact us. We can quickly look this up if you give us the name of the seller, the invoice year and the serial number of the equipment.

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