Will van Manen Kamera-Service
Repair and maintenance of analog Leica equipment


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Kamera-Service is an independent company for repair and maintenance of analog Leica equipment.

We are located in the Netherlands and operate worldwide.

We only work on Leica equipment.

Exceptions are: Leicaflex, Leica M5, Leica R body’s and Leica compact camera’s. We do not work on those.

We can no longer accept any work from the United Kingdom (BREXIT). This is due to an enormous amount of duties and customs charges levied against us that we can’t claim back and are therefore unsustainable.

Our business hours are between 10.00h and 18.00h (visits to our workshop by appointment only).

Our lunch break is between 13.00h and 14.00h.

During our business days we try to answer e-mail messages within 24 hours.

On Wednesdays, Friday afternoons, Saturdays & Sundays and (inter)national Holidays we’re closed.

Our professional knowledge includes repair and maintenance of the following Leica equipment

SM (Screw Mount)/LTM-systeem


M-systeem digitaal (mechanische delen, o.a. meetzoekersysteem)

CL (ook aanpassen van het elektrisch circuit voor gebruik 1,5V-batterijen)
R-objectieven (ook correct ‘ontklikken’ i.v.m. ‘creeping’)  

SM (Screw Mount)/LTM system

CL (also modification of the electrical circuit for the use of 1,5V batteries

M system digital (mechanical parts, f.e. rangefinder system)



R lenses (also ‘declicking’ correctly when aperture is ‘creeping’)


We can 6-bit code and modify the Canon 50mm/0.95 for the use on Leica M. 

Our customers are shops for professional photo equipment, professional photographers and filmers, camera collectors, web merchants, etc.

Our turnaround time is 6 to 8 weeks. In times of a heavy workload/a lot of speedy dispatches/holidays, the turnaround time for some equipment can be longer. Unfortunately this cannot always be avoided; we ask for your understanding and thank you for your patience.

We handle a 6 month guarantee on carried out labour.

Contact us

Dorpsstraat 81
2712 AD Zoetermeer
The Netherlands
+31 (0)79 316 33 39
[email protected]