Leica is high quality equipment and it seldom breaks down. Still this older precision equipment needs care occasionally, due to old dried lubricants an run out adjustments. A thourough check of all functions, possible repairs and neccessary maintenance will obviously increase the value of your equipment (also if you are considering to sell it).

Dirty/hazy finders, ‘dry’ running shutters, inaccurate shutter speeds, general dirt, dents, light leaks,etc. A full general overhaul (CLA) includes at least: removing dirt and old lubricants, greasing all moving parts with the corresponding, different lubricants, check/replacing light seals, cleaning finder, check general technical functions (speeds, shutter, finder, self timer, flash, etc.) and of course adjusting.

Shutter curtains

We can replace shutter curtains of both SM/LTM- and M-Leica's.

Fungal affection (haze), play, badly running (focusing)helicoids, aperture handling, dented filter threads/lens hoods, etc. Of course badly affected lens parts can’t be fixed. 
The end result of the cleaning depends on the extent of the (fungal) affection, but normally a lens benefits from a good cleaning. And, more important: the process will be stopped. A full general overhaul (CLA) includes at least: removing of possible haze/fungus, cleaning & sterilizing lens parts, removing dirt & old lubricants, greasing of the (focussing) helicoid, cleaning of the aperture system and of course adjusting.

Leica R lenses

The full general overhaul (CLA) as described above. During a CLA we can fit (by yourself supplied) Leitax adapters and correctly 'declick' the aperture system to prevent 'creeping'.

Digital Leica M and 6-bit coding

We can service (the mechanical parts of) the digital Leica M: a CLA includes greasing & adjusting the shutter advance system, adjusting the manual speeds & automatic exposure mechanisms, cleaning & adjusting the viewfinder/rangefinder and sensor cleaning. 

We can 6-bit code your (older) M-lenses (Leiz, Zeiss, Voigtländer) for the use on the digital Leica M. We can also modify lenses to bring up the right frame lines. We do not supply and fit a new bayonet; we mill the six needed slots in your existing bayonet and paint them (black/white) according the Leica coding list. If a lens is not on the Leica list (f.e. older Leica lenses, Zeiss, Voigtländer lenses), we code according to the Leica users forum list.


We sometimes come across Leica equipment in a 'sad' cosmetic state. In general, we can do a lot about that. We can do panel work, replace covering, touch up of lettering, replace red dots on lenses, Replace film speed indicator tags, do extensive exterior clean ups, etc.

M6 Anti-flare solution

To eliminate 'flare'during a CLA we can place a polarization filter internally in the finder.

Do not keep your body or lenses in leather casings for long periods. Leather (dead animal) will cause fungal affection. Mild affections can be removed, but in the end, the fungus will eat its way into the glass of lens parts or into the finder glass. Of course leather casings are fine to transport or use your equipment on location.

At first sight, one can hardly see fungal affection in lenses. A blue, mono-chromatic light (e.g. in lighters with built-in light - generally for sale) will clearly show whether your lens is affected or not.

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