A quality camera like a Rolleiflex is worth a CLA (Clean, Lubricate and Adjust). This 30 years old (and older) equipment needs service from time to time, because these problems can occur:

  • Shutter or diaphragm blades can get sticky/slow
  • Shutter speeds can deviate
  • Self timer can get slow or can get stuck
  • The camera can get play on the front of the housing
  • Problems with the coupling system between winder and shutter can occur
  • Lens parts can get affected by fungus (haze)
  • The light meter can deviate
  • Etc.

In most cases these kind of defects can be repaired without any problem.

In general, all repair will be carried out as a CLA. By doing so, we can warrant the correct technical functioning of your equipment (and thus give a guarantee).

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