Hasselblad equipment is pre-eminently good and will give good results. Due to its construction, this equipment does need regular service:

  • Light shields in film backs can be worn out/damaged
  • Not properly functioning film backs can cause spacing differences on your film
  • Lenses/shutters can get deviating shutter speeds
  • The body’s mirror seal and auxiliary shutter seal can disintegrate
  • Etc.

In short, regular maintenance is necessary to keep your equipment reliable and in good condition!

In most cases defects can be repaired without any problem. Spare parts are widely available.

In general, all repair will be carried out as a CLA (Clean, Lubricate and Adjust). By doing so, we can warrant the correct technical functioning of your equipment (and thus give a guarantee).

Will van Manen
Kamera-Service vof
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